Easy Password Bookmark Generator 

This password generator works from a special bookmark. It will create a secure, unique password for any site that you visit. When you return to the site and click the link it will give you the password. 

Here's what to do 

  1. Navigate to the site where you would like to generate a password
  2. Enter any code into the box below. Any word is fine. You don't have to remember it. Push the button

    Your code

  3. This app will generate a link. Drag the link to your bookmark bar. It should create a bookmark called Password Generator

  4. Go to the site where you want to generate a unique secure password. Click on the password generator link. It might need a couple of clicks

  5. Use the password that you have generated for that site 

  6. When you revisit that site then click on the Password Generator bookmark to bring back the password for that site